Measurement Tips

  • Measure complete length of walls.
  • IMPORTANT: Measure where your windows are located on the wall. (Measure outside trim to outside trim)
  • Show where appliances are located on diagram
  • Measure your ceiling height & Soffits.
  • Take photos
  • Please measure in inches.

Start in one corner and measure along the wall. Measure the wall until you reach a stopping point, whether it be a window or a door. You will want to measure all the way across the window or door, from outside trim to outside trim. Continue on to the next break, appliance, or opening. If there is none, continue to the corner. You will want to continue this process all the way around the room. After you have measured the individual spaces on each wall, take the wall to wall measurement. This will help you to double check your measurements.

15x15Note: Seacoast Home & Leisure will always perform final measurements before ordering.


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